Karimnagar Man Stranded in Kabul After Missing Flight to India

19 Aug, 2021 16:11 IST|Sakshi Post

Penchala Venkateshwara Rao alias Venkanna, a resident of Odyaram village in Gangadhar zone of Karimnagar district, who was working in Afghanistan for his livelihood, was stranded in the country after his flight was stopped. 

Venkateswara Rao has been with ACCL for nine years in Kasab, Afghanistan. He would visit his hometown once in six months. He also took a plane ticket to return home on the 15th of this month. However, he missed the flight as he got delayed by ten minutes. 

Family members are now worried about what will happen to him after Afghanistan has fallen under the Taliban rule. His family said he had  informed them over the phone that he was with the American soldiers and would be back soon.

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