Hyderabad's Most Wanted Serial Killer Who Murdered 18 Women, Caught

27 Jan, 2021 11:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad (Jan 27): According to the reports, the Hyderabad serial killer who was involved in multiple murder cases was arrested by the Rachakonda police

The police officials of the commissioner's task force and Rachakonda police officers apprehended the killer on Tuesday night. The accused Maina Ramulu was involved in around 21 cases. He committed a total of 18 murders and the rest of the crimes were related to property and other cases.

Ramulu, a 45 year-old man went rogue after his wife left him. Ramulu got married at the age of 21, but in the short period of their marriage, his wife ran away with another man. Since then, he gained a hatred for all women and went on killing various women in Hyderabad. He was also kept in Erragadda Mental Hospital for some time, but he ran away in 2011.

His case was registered earlier, as well and he was sent to jail, but succeeded in escaping the prison. He continued murdering women, after his escape. Finally yesterday on 26 Jan 2021, the joint operation between Rachakonda police and commissioner’s task force succeeded as they were able to catch the serial killer.

He was arrested in May 2013 in relation to five cases. After an appeal petition in Telangana high court, he was released in 2018. Even after the release, he did not change his behaviour but instead started murdering women again.

Ramulu has committed crimes in various places and has been creating chaos since 2003. He would call women ‘workers’ in pretext of wanting to spend time with them. Once they meet, he would kill the woman and flee with their valuables. He killed 2 women in Medak and others in Narsapur, Sangareddy, Tupran and others.

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