Hyderabad Woman Loses 1 Lakh in Job Fraud

17 Jul, 2021 15:24 IST|Sakshi Post

Scores of people lost their jobs during the corona pandemic. Many businesses were badly hit too. Under the circumstances, the demand for jobs has gone up. Unemployed youth are looking for jobs in various sites by uploading their biodata. Cyber criminals who are aware of this, are exploiting this opportunity to loot money from gullible people.

A woman from Hyderabad who was on the lookout for a job, registered her details on job sites. Cybercriminals who collected her data, called her saying  they are from Quickr.com. They made her believe that her job has been confirmed at Shamshabad Airport and she will be given a salary of Rs 30,000 per month. But they asked her to pay some amount as processing fee.

Believing them, the accused transferred more than Rs 1 lakh into the criminal's account. Later, when the accused switched off the phone, the woman realized that she had been cheated and approached the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police.

The police registered a case and are investigating based on the phone number of the cybercriminal.

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