Hyderabad RTA May Cancel License Of Drunk Drivers

23 Mar, 2021 16:39 IST|Sakshi Post

Cancelling driving licences on the spot if found drunk and driving.

Hyderabad: Drunk driving in the Cyberabad Commissionerate limits could make you lose his/her driving licenses on the spot if they are caught, with the Cyberabad Traffic Police (CTP) and the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) working out possibilities of such an action.
This is after the police began noticing that even after many being jailed, courts, and RTA suspending and canceling licenses, many were still drunk driving. Stricter enforcement could curb the dangerous practice more, they believe.

The CTP, therefore, has joined hands with the RTA to link their databases, which means the RTA’s database, including license and personal details of motorists, can be accessed by the CTP through their tablets and vice-versa.

“Whenever a person is caught drunk driving and the police personnel enters their details on the tablet, the person’s details are sent to the RTA immediately, which will further verify and suspend the driving license of the motorist without delay,” an official said.

With this, driving licenses can be suspended immediately unlike the earlier process of the police writing letters to the RTA seeking suspension. This information will also be saved in both databases for future use.

“The details of those whose licenses were suspended and are caught drunk driving again will be known to the police by just entering their license numbers. This will help officials in ensuring further action,” the official added.

According to traffic police officials, many motorists driving in an inebriated condition were either dying in accidents or causing the death of others in road crashes. With Cyberabad witnessing a large number of road crashes and deaths every year, strict enforcement of traffic rules leading to discipline on roads is of utmost importance, officials said, adding that an analysis of these accidents had revealed that drunk driving was among the prime causes.

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