Hyderabad Rape Case: Accused Makes Sensational Statement

12 Jun, 2022 10:28 IST|Sakshi Post

The interrogation of defendants in custody Jubilee Hills minor girl rape case begun on Sunday. Today will be the last day Saduddin Malik, who is A1 in the case will be in the custody. 

The Jubilee Hills police is interrogting Saduddin along with five other minors. The police took all the accused for a potency test at the Osmania Hospital on Saturday.

The victim's medical report will be a crucial evidence in the case and showed some startling facts. As per the medical report, the minor girl was severely bitten on the neck while she also bore marks of bruised injuries.

The Defendant testified saying that he deliberately bit her harshly as he wanted the hicky (love bite) to remain as a tattoo on her neck.

The accused confessed that the injuries happened because the girl resisted. During the custody hearing on the incident, the accused reportedly accused and shifted the blame on one another.

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