Hyderabad Police Warn NRIs Against Hate Posts on Social Media

5 Jan, 2022 13:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Because of hateful posts, NRIs' passports would be revoked by the Hyderabad police.

Police Commissioner CV Anand stated in a video conference with officials that the police should "do justice to the people and not give in to any injustice."

Hyderabad: Newly appointed city police commissioner CV Anand issued a warning to people who engage in social media abuse on Tuesday, urging non-resident Indians (NRIs) to refrain from publishing nasty and insulting statements on social media platforms. In a conference with other police, he stated that in addition to issuing lookout warnings, charges would be filed against them.

Their passports would be taken, and their visas would be revoked, according to the Hyderabad police commissioner. In his first video conference after taking command, Anand asked cops to be stern on social media harassment. Those tormenting individuals by altering their images and uploading them on social media sites with disparaging comments, he added, should face severe consequences.

A press statement from his office stated, "In addition to registering cases against those spreading fake news on social media, he expressed the desire for a speedy trial." Several suggestions on the path to be taken in the case of cybercrime, including fast investigation in cybercrime cases, were made in the meeting with other senior officers of the Hyderabad police, it stated.

The commissioner also requested that the authorities send information on crimes and offenders to the relevant sections and wings regularly.

Officials were also tasked with identifying offenders who commit the same crime over and over again, taking action against them and preventing them from committing other crimes. According to the authorities, this would also dissuade others who might be tempted to commit crimes.

Anand emphasised that every police officer should make it a habit to take the required steps on their own in crises and critical events and that they should not wait for orders from senior officers. He said, "Take the necessary technical assistance to gather evidence."

The Hyderabad police commissioner also clarified that the officers within the jurisdiction of every police station should "act to do justice to the people and not give in to any injustice" Anand added that police officers should be what people expect them to be.

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Regarding COVID-19:

In light of the increased number of COVID-19 cases, Anand reaffirmed that the Telangana government's decree prohibiting public gatherings, conferences, or rallies must be severely enforced in Hyderabad.

The commissioner also recommended that sufficient ventilation be provided in all offices and police stations. He stated that the police must guarantee that religious sites are not overcrowded. He stated, "Police need to be more vigilant in this regard."

He also visited with village leaders at the local police station, asking them to clarify the government's GO information on the rules.

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