Hyderabad Massage Parlours Raided

6 May, 2021 15:26 IST|Sakshi Post

The West Zone Task Force and local police raided massage centres suspected of organizing illicit cross-massages for clients, arresting four men, including the organizers, and nine women. Three spa and massage parlours in SR Nagar were raided, and the organizers were arrested for operating the businesses without proper licenses and engaging in unethical conduct.

Heaven Family Hair & Beauty Salon & Spa at Rama Krishna Nivas Apartments, Touch of Beauty Salon and Spa beside Almas Hotel, and Prithi Beauty Salon and Spa at Rama Krishna Nivas Apartments are the three locations, which are all within the SR Nagar limits.

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Police raided the centres based on a tip-off, and when the police demanded authentic recognition or some kind of license to operate them, they refused to show the documents

 Store runners Shaik Masthan, 44, and Kata Shekar Babu, 43, from Heaven Family Hair & Beauty Salon & Spa, were taken into custody for operating massage centres without valid documents. Golla Jangaiah, 25, M Vinod, 45, and Kanikanta Rajkumar Varma, 20, working as managers from Touch of Beauty Salon were also taken into custody.

 Police said that there were no CCTV cameras on the premises and that neither was there any proper doctor or physiotherapist and that they did not keep a customer entry log, among other irregularities.

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