Hyderabad Crematoriums Charging A Bomb For COVID Victims' Final Rites

24 Apr, 2021 16:31 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Amidst all that is happening in the country and the state, people are suffering as they do not know what to do. A Covid patient does not get a bed and even if he does, the hospital is short on resources. Now the latest report is that families are suffering even with the last rites of their loved ones.

In a news report from Hyderabad, it was said that the families of Covid19 victims are now facing difficulties performing the last rites as the cost for it has sky-rocketed. Those who help with cremation usually charge Rs 500 but now the amount has gone up in thousands. One family had to pay Rs 30,000 for cremation.

The kin of the victims is suffering due to this as the crematoriums are trying to benefit from this situation. These charges are being levied in the name of extra precaution for Covid19, claiming that they would need resources to bury a Covid19 victim’s body. Even with all these claims, many families are alleging that they do not get proper service.

A son who lost his father to coronavirus shared that it was a nightmare for him. He paid almost Rs 80,000 to the crematorium but even then he didn’t get proper facilities. He had to wait for hours to perform the last rites.

As there is no other option, these families are forced to pay the hefty amount. Almost every crematorium in the city is doing this, including ESI crematorium, SR Nagar crematorium, Chanda Nagar and others.

Commenting on this, many crematoriums have said that even they need to bring in people. It is not easy finding a labourer who is willing to cremate the Covid bodies. They do not want to risk their lives. Plus nowadays, we need to take extra precautions while performing these last rites. That is why most of the crematoriums are charging a hefty amount.

India is seeing a rise in COVID19 infections with almost 2 lakh cases being recorded every day. Yesterday over 2,59,000 cases were reported taking the total number to 1,53,21,089. With this, the number of deaths has also increased.

The death toll is rapidly increasing. The number went above 1,80,000 today. Many hospitals are facing issues even with the bodies as the mortuaries are getting full.

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