Hyderabad Central To Pay Hefty Fine For Charging Customer Rs 10 For Paper Bag

10 Feb, 2021 10:56 IST|Sakshi Post

Yes, plastic bags pollution on land poses a threat to the plants and animals – including humans who are living on the land. So today’s world has changed into the safe living of using paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Recently Central mall at Punjagutta in Hyderabad was asked to pay Rs 15,000 to its customer for charging him Rs 10 on a paper bag with its logo.

Truly we need a bag for the purchased goods to carry them home, but it doesn’t mean you burden the common people with your own charges for your own benefits.

When we read the complainant, one Mr. V Bejjam, a resident of Kavadiguda purchased a shirt for Rs 1,400 from a shop in Central mall at Punjagutta. Again here we do not know the name of the shop in the mall. The store gave him the shirt in a paper bag with the mall's logo for which he was charged Rs 10.

When V.Bejjam has learned that it was illegal for the mall to charge him that way, the man approached Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, which asked the mall to pay Rs 15,000 as compensation for the complaint.

In his complaint, V Bejjam said that the mall is utilizing its customers as advertisement agents by collecting Rs 10 for a carry bag with the mall's logo.

Well, nowadays it has become a habit for all the shops or brands to advertise somehow and get known about themselves to the maximum area. So they are using every means to spread the awareness of their product to the market.

He also mentioned that the customers are informed about the price at the time of billing or after billing which is really beyond the reach of the people which amounts to unfair trade practice.

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