Gold Worth Lakhs Missing From Lakshmi Vilas Bank Locker in Hyderabad

23 Aug, 2021 12:09 IST|Sakshi Post

A bank locker in Hyderabad has been robbed of Rs. 10 lakh in gold.

The Lakshmi Vilas Bank (DBS Bank) in Hyderabad's RK Nagar has gone missing with gold valued at Rs. 10 lakh. The theft was likely committed by known people, according to police.

Telangana: Gold worth Rs. 10 lakh has gone missing from Lakshmi Vilas Bank (DBS Bank) in RK Nagar, Hyderabad, in a shocking incident. The theft was likely committed by known people, according to police. According to Malkajgiri police and the complainant, Sai Gautam, who works as an assistant manager at Lakshmi Vilas Bank, is also in charge of the locker room. 

Meanwhile, on the 9th of this month, he drew some money, placed it in his locker, and took it the next day (10th). In this context, on November 11th, he misplaced his locker keys and looked for them unsuccessfully. On the 17th of this month, the locker maker's business was summoned to unlock it, and when it was opened, the gold within was discovered to be missing.

On Saturday, the bank's assistant manager, Sai Gautam, filed a police complaint in Malkajgiri. The inquiry was conducted in the bank by CI Venkateshwarlu, CCS Inspector Jawan, and Clues Team Officer Nanda Kumar.

A complaint was filed with the police on Saturday (the 21st), but the gold jewellery was not located after the locker was opened on the 17th of this month, raising suspicions. The master keys to all the lockers are said to be in Sai's possession, and all fingers point to him.

The authorities are aggressively investigating the incident, and they discovered that the bank's CCTV cameras have been malfunctioning for the last 20 days.

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