GHMC Toll-free Number For Clearing Construction and Demolition Debris

26 Jun, 2021 18:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Garbage collection and transfer centres will be raised from 70 to 100, and 90 new garbage collection trucks will be deployed.

HYDERABAD: The number of garbage collection and transfer stations in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits will be increased to 100 from the current 70, said Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) KT Rama Rao at the opening of the Construction and Demolition (C&D) recycling facility in Fathullaguda near Hayathnagar. 

The Fathullaguda C&D recycling plant, which is located on a nine-acre plot of land, is the city's second such facility, following the Jeedimetla C&D recycling facility, which opened last year.

"At present, we are recycling 1,000 tonnes per day of C&D waste. Once these two plants are operational, all the C&D waste in the city will be recycled in such facilities. We will also establish C&D recycling plants in other cities on a cluster basis," Rama Rao said.

He said that, after the intensification of garbage collection efforts, the waste collection has grown from 3,000 metric tonnes to 7,500 metric tonnes. He explained, "We are generating power from dry waste and compost from wet waste." 90 contemporary trucks will be deployed to transport waste to the city's transfer points, according to Rama Rao, who also stated that they are already producing 20 megawatts (MW) of power from waste and plan to expand it to 28 MW shortly.


The GHMC established a toll-free number, 18001201159, to handle the lifting of construction and demolition (C&D) debris. Although household garbage collection and transportation has been simplified, many homeowners have been inconvenienced by the lack of C&D waste disposal facilities. Builders, contractors, and the general public may now dispose of C&D trash safely.

The city council is concerned that C & D trash is being dumped in the open. Though the MyGHMC app could be used to register a complaint about the lifting of C&D waste, it didn't provide effective results. Therefore, a toll-free helpline was established to address the issue. Citizens can pay $342 per metric tonne for the collection and scientific disposal of C&D waste at these sites in the meantime. Residents can also dispose of their trash at the Fathullaguda facility by utilising their own transportation measures and paying a fee of 85.50 per metric tonne.

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