GHMC Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi Love Story

14 Feb, 2021 10:55 IST|Sakshi Post

‘Love means understanding each other, maintaining trust in each other and exchange their love for each other as long as possible’ says GHMC Mayor Gadwal Vijaya Lakshmi. Though she and Babi Reddy loved each other… they persuaded their parents to marriage. She revealed some interesting things about their relationship on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Vijaya Laksmi was a cricket player and he is a basketball player. Reddy used to come while she was playing cricket. Later, they played tennis together at VengalRao ICRISAT Club while led to their friendship. And then it turned into love.

‘I decided to marry the man who loved me. When Babi Reddy is studying BBA, he proposed to marry me. I wondered whether our parents agree as our castes are different. He brought his parents and met my father KK and convinced for the wedding.’ said Vijaya Lakshmi. ‘He used to write love letters to me when he was in America. He was the one who proposed to get married first,’ she added

After the wedding, both have been to America. There Lakshmi managed her studies along with the job. She said that there were never any misunderstandings between them. When her parents asked her to return to India, Babi also came to India without saying a single word.

‘Till date, there is no slightest quarrel between us. We never regret not having children. We treat ourselves as children to each other. My father KK is my first priority and the next will ever be my husband’ said GHMC Mayor.

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