Flash Protest in Old City Hyderabad Demanding Action Against Wasim Rizvi

22 Nov, 2021 12:03 IST|Vyshnavi

A massive flash protest was held in Falaknuma, Hyderabad, demanding stringent action against Wasim Rizvi, former Chairman of the Shia Wakf Board of Uttar Pradesh, for his alleged blasphemous book and statements. 

People from various parts of the city started a rally from Vattepally to Falaknuma bus depot, carrying black flags. The protestors raised slogans against the former UP Shia Wakf board Chairman, Wasin Rizvi, and demanded his punishment as he had indulged in blasphemy. 

Immediately after learning about the rally, Falaknuma police entered the scene and dispersed the protestors. The people alleged that the contents of the book and the objectionable statements had been made with the intention of outraging the religious sentiments of the community. 

Reportedly, Wasim has written a book in Hindi vilifying the Prophet Mohammed, Islamic religion, and Muslims. Local protestors feel that there has been a deliberate attempt by Wasim to disturb the peace and tranquilly across the country. He further demanded punishment for Wasim as per Indian penal laws. 

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