Fire At Bolarum Chemical Factory: Vindhya Organics Workers Feared Trapped

12 Dec, 2020 14:12 IST|Sakshi Post

A fire broke out at the VIndhya Organics Chemical factory in the IDPL area of Bolarum on Saturday. Several workers are feared trapped inside. The reason for the fire is yet to be ascertained.

Residents in the vicinity of the Bolarum industrial area said that there was a loud noise of a huge explosion after which smoke started billowing out of the Vindya organics building.

As per latest reports, a few workers were injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

As per preliminary reports, the reactors inside the Vindya Organics factory exploded around 12.50 pm leading to a huge blast and a massive blaze. The factory workers are said to have rushed out on hearing the loud explosion. It is learnt  that some nine workers fell unconscious following  the loud sound. They were rushed to the local government hospital.

Reports state that there were at least 200-300 workers inside  the factory when the explosion took place at Vindya Organics. Fortunately, since the mishap happened during the lunch hour, most workers were outside the factory.

Following the massive fire after the explosion, a huge smoke has engulfed nearby areas making rescue efforts a challenge. Officials have asked local residents not to come out of their homes.

As soon as news of blaze at Vindya Organics reached the police, four fire engines were pressed into service. It is being said that the fire personnel will take at least six hours to extinguish the fire. The NDRF is believed to have reached the spot to rescue the trapped workers from the fire-hit factory.

Considering the blaze is massive, losses are bound  to be on the higher side. MLA Gudem Mahipal Reddy is on his way to the scene of the fire accident.

Families of Vindya organic workers are said to have panicked on hearing news of fire inside the factory. People in large numbers rushed  to the factory to check of their family members were safe.

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