COVID19 Will Affect The Ramzan Business in Hyderabad

21 Mar, 2021 14:13 IST|Sakshi Post

There has been a surge in the COVID cases across India and with that many states are scared for the safety of their citizens. It is exactly a year since the lockdown was announced in the country, but the situation is such as of now, that some states are going back to at least partial lockdown.

These conditions will most likely affect the festival celebrations in the country. It is not just states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab and others that are facing adverse conditions, even Telangana saw a recent surge in the cases and hence decided to shut down some of the schools.

In 2020, the country was in complete lockdown. All the shops were closed which resulted in huge loses for the businesses. The businesses expect a good profit during the festival times but even that didn’t happen last year. The Ramzan traders didn’t have any business last year.

Every year, there is a surge in business with one month of Ramzan celebrations. Charminar is filled with vendors, selling different items. Clothing, decoration, ornaments, literally every shop will stock up for the season. This year, the traders are confused. The dilemma is whether they should buy more stock and be ready for the business or expect people not to come this time.

Abid Mohiuddin, general secretary, Old City Traders Association shared the concern of traders and said that their expectations are now dwindling. For the past few months, things were going back to normal. It looked like the situation will be better by this time of 2021. But looking at the situation in not just Telangana but other neighbouring states as well, it seems we will have to wait.

Every year, thousands of traders expect business during Ramzan season. The stretch between Nayapul and Shahalibanda is filled with vendors. As there are chances of the second lockdown or at least partial lockdown, the vendors and traders are not stocking up like usual. They are only purchasing half the amount that they generally do.

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