Bharat Biotech Finishes Phase 2 Vaccine Trials For Kids

22 Sep, 2021 11:09 IST|L Manisha

Bharat Biotech has successfully completed its trials of Phase 2/3 Covid 19 vaccine, Covaxin for use in children under the age of 18, and is scheduled to submit the data to the DCGI by next week said Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech International Ltd. He told reporters that Covaxin manufacturing will reach 55 million doses in October, up from 35 million in September. He also stated that the Phase 2 trials of the company's intranasal vaccine against Covid-19 are scheduled to be completed by the end of next month. Intranasal vaccination can stimulate an immune response in the nose, which is the virus's site of entry, guarding against illness, infection, and transmission. 

The intranasal vaccination studies, according to Ella, are done on three cohorts, with one group receiving Covaxin as the first dose and intranasal as the second. Similarly, the second group received intranasal-intranasal therapy while the third batch received intranasal-covaxin therapy 28 days apart. He stated that the studies will involve around 650 people.

In terms of Covaxin production levels, Ella stated that 100 million doses per month are possible if the other manufacturing partners are properly equipped with safety and other requirements. Bharat Biotech has collaborated with Indian Immunologiclas and Hester Biosciences to manufacture Covaxin in addition to its own facilities.

“This month, we are supplying 35 million. We will undoubtedly deliver 55 million dosages next month. “Bangalore production is catching up quite quickly,” he remarked in response to a question. In terms of Covaxin exports to other nations, Ella stated that if the Centre grants permission, the company is ready to sell the vaccine, however the company is not in a hurry to seek outside markets.

India will resume exporting surplus Covid-19 vaccines in the fourth quarter of 2021 as part of the ‘Vaccine Maitri' programme and to meet its commitment to the COVAX global pool, but vaccinating its own citizens remains the government's top priority said Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Monday.


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