Exciting Things To Know About Netflix Show Too Hot to Handle Season 2

20 Jun, 2021 15:44 IST|Sakshi Post
Source: Instagram

Netflix originals Too Hot To Handle Season 2 will soon air June 23rd and those who have watched Season 1 of this reality series are undoubtedly excited. For the uninitiated, the series is a reality show with a unique twist which made this one of the more entertaining shows to watch. The contestants of the show will be given a prize amount in which money gets deducted for any romantic deviations done.

Here are the exciting things about season 2 of this series:

  • While Season 1 featured 14 singles, Season 2 will feature 10 singles that are ready to mingle, but of course,  they should not engage in any kind of romantic activity which makes this a unique game.
  • This reality series has incorporated contestants that come from all around the world. As per the official Instagram handle of the series, the Season 2 contestants hail from America, the UK, France, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • The episodes in the first season of Too Hot To Handle were released at once. However, Netflix has decided to premiere the second season in two batches. The first batch of 4 episodes will be released on June 23, and the remaining 6 episodes will be aired on June 30.
  • One of the funniest things about the series is that romance is not an important issue. If the contestants want the prize money, they must abstain from performing any sexual activity. Doing so results in a penalty.
  • The prize money of $100,000 will be announced to the contestants although there will be a reduction in the prize amount for any sexual activity engaged. In the last season, kissing cost a $3,000 fine, and something like sex was close to $20,000. It's a steep penalty, especially when all remaining contestants at the end of the game share that prize money.
  • The Too Hot To Handle producers reveal that contestants will not be told about the program format till they arrive for shooting at the villa and are ready to film. Until then, they are all led to believe they're part of another show.
  • Too Hot To Handle Season 2 will have an eye on its competitors to make sure they're caught if they break the rules, and yes, they will have all eyes on them. And there will be a Robot Host named ‘Lana’ which gives instructions to the contestants.
  • As per sources, it is already confirmed that there will be another season coming. That means that, regardless of how this season is received by audiences, Netflix is going to have another season to burn before they can say sayonara to the series.

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