ARMY in Love With BTS With Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Pics

3 Jun, 2022 15:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Bangtan Sonyeodan aka BTS had a whale of a time during their USA trip after meeting the US President at the white house.
BTS joined US President Joe Biden in the white house to discuss and create awareness of the rising hate, crime and discrimination against Asian Americans. They came in front of the media after their meeting with Joe Biden to share their message to the public.

After that, the BTS had total fun with American singers and actors like Chris Martin, H.E.R and Dakota Johnson.
J-Hope, who is also known as Hobi, shared plenty of photos in which Jin is seen burning the cake and in the background, RM is having a conversation with Chris Martin. 
The other day, J-Hope posted a pic of him playing basketball along with Jungkook.  S.H.E reshared it and said she tried her best to beat her opponent. 
BTS Army is going crazy over the videos and started saying they are having a good time in America.  But Kim Taehyung aka V left America earlier than the other members and missed all the fun.

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