Precautions To Take Before COVID Vaccine: Dos and Don'ts

15 Apr, 2021 16:30 IST|Sakshi Post

For the past few weeks, India has been reporting a higher number of COVID19 cases. Especially states like Maharashtra are under alert with cases increasing every day. The vaccination program is going at a good pace with people above 45 getting the shot now.

If you continue to follow the basic regulations, it will be safer. Most of the people have been following the basic rules like wearing a mask, using sanitiser, checking temperature and other such things. But along with these precautions, you should get vaccinated as well. If you are above 45, the vaccine is available and you can register as soon as possible.

COVID19 Vaccine

India kicked off one of the world's largest COVID-19 vaccination drives earlier in January. Many states announced free vaccination for their citizens. There are multiple centres where the vaccine shots are being administered.

In the first week of January, the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) provided Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to two vaccines in India. Covishield by Oxford-AstraZeneca and manufactured by Serum Institute of India and Covaxin by Bharat Biotech. These vaccines are available, you can get the shot at the earliest.


When you are getting vaccinated, you should follow certain rules and regulations. You can consult the experts before understanding how the vaccine works and if your body ready for it. Some people have severe medical conditions; in that case, you should consult someone before taking a step.

DOs: Here is a list of measures you can take before getting vaccinated.

  1. Consult an expert. Understand how the vaccine works.

  2. If you have a regular medical expert or your family doctor, talk to them first.

  3. In case of medical discrepancies, consult a doctor and get their approval before getting vaccinated.

  4. You might need to come for certain check-ups and scans. Remember to follow that.

  5. Do not eat anything heavy. A light meal is best recommended for you before the vaccine.

  6. Follow the measures and steps, they tell you before giving administering the shot.

  7. If you feel nervous or anxious, ask for a counsellor and they will help you.

  8. Do not forget to wear your mask and maintain a distance at the centre.

  9. Relax for some time after receiving the shot and inform the expert in case you feel unwell.

  10. Do get vaccinated even if you have already recovered from coronavirus.

DON’Ts: Here s a list of stuff that you should avoid doing after getting vaccinated.

  1. It is advised that you not post a picture of your vaccine card.

  2. Keep the vaccine card with you as it will be needed while getting the second shot.

  3. Do not take another vaccine instantly. Keep at least 14 days gap in between.

  4. Avoid taking any pain relief tablets or any other medicine before going for vaccination.

  5. Don’t forget or miss your appointment as it will result in wastage of a dose.

  6. Getting a vaccine doesn’t mean, you can roam around freely without any protection.

  7. Do not throw away your mask and sanitiser. Continue this basic precaution.

  8. Never forget to report to an expert in case you feel sick or in case of experiencing side effects.

  9. Don’t get a vaccine shot, if you currently are recovering from COVID19 or just tested positive.

  10. Do not forget to register for the vaccination and remember to be at the centre on time.

Registration Procedure

-  Visit the Co-WIN website at or download the app from the App store.

- You can either enter your Mobile number or Aadhaar number (Choose a preferred option).

- If you entered your mobile number, you will receive an OTP.

- Type the OTP and enter submit.

- Select your preferred date and time and schedule it.

- You can also choose from a list of centres. Choose accordingly.

- After the registration is done, you will receive a Reference ID.

The Reference ID after the vaccination is done will help you in receiving your Proof certificate.

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