Herd Immunity Against Omicron Hints at Virus Becoming Like Common Cold

5 Jan, 2022 16:25 IST|Sakshi Post

With new variants of Covid19 like Omicron and the one found in France, spreading rapidly, there has been rising concern among the experts and researchers.

However, the most recent variant has some researchers believing that long-awaited collective immunity is on the horizon and that the virus is developing into a rather benign seasonal sickness. Omicron has proven to be especially contagious, infecting those who were considered to be immune due to immunizations or testing positive once before.

Despite the fact that Omicron is causing a record number of cases in countries all over the world, the illness is often milder than earlier forms. The symptoms are not as severe and those in need of hospitalization are also less.

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This might be an indication that Coronavirus will now evolve into a weaker virus with its variants becoming less effective too. A Clinical virologist from the UK said that he hopes Coronavirus soon becomes less of a concern something like common cold and flu.

Perhaps this will be the wave that allows us to gain a kind of immunity, French health minister Olivier Veran said this week. But this should happen through vaccination and not after an individual has tested and recovered from Covid19.

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