COVID Induced Clots Causing Gangrene in Intestine?

7 Jun, 2021 14:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Coronavirus effect is shown on the stomach; New cases recorded in Mumbai.

Corona Symptoms: A New Problem in Corona Patients... Is the Corona Virus Affecting the Intestine...?

New corona symptoms: A new pattern of symptoms is being seen among people who have contracted the corona infection. Patients with COVID infection, according to a recent study, are more likely to develop lung problems over time as per a report.

According to experts, Mumbai doctors have discovered intestinal problems as well as fungus in patients. They further believe that after being infected with the coronavirus, the victims will have to battle black fungus for many years. According to doctors, the intestinal disease has already been detected among 25 people in Mumbai.

The covid-19 epidemic affects more than just the lungs. The small intestine of the COVID Infected people are severely damaged. Obese people are known to be more susceptible to other infections, especially after treatment for black fungus. In addition, corona patients are increasingly being diagnosed with a new form of sickness.

Small intestinal infections have now been found by Mumbai-based physicians in addition to black fungus infections. If the intestines are affected by it then the intestines may have to be removed as well, he said. Gangrene is a condition that affects the intestines.

A similar issue was initially brought to light in Bangalore last year. At St. John's Hospital, doctors removed a patient's damaged small intestine. Such situations are now being discovered in the second wave of Covid. Doctors estimate that this condition affects 10-15% of covid patients. Recently, 25 people in Mumbai were said to be suffering from the same symptoms.

Doctors also documented the disease's symptoms, particularly when the virus enters the nose and travels to the intestines, where it causes gangrene by closing blood vessels. He added that as the illness spread, he began to experience excruciating stomach pain. It was eventually discovered that a CT scan might identify it.

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