Millennials Root For Plant Based Meat To Substitute Non-Veg

3 Mar, 2021 15:05 IST|Sakshi Post

The idea of plant-based meat which was not very popular a few years back is now gaining attention. People, especially the Vegetarian group, are rooting for this concept as they can now taste ‘meat.’ The Hyderabadi crowd is excited about this.

The restaurants and cafes are now attracting a lot of locals with their mock meat. Biryani, Burger and other meat-based stuff are now being served with ‘mock-meat.’ This tastes exactly like meat but is not non-veg.

This mock meat concept is also taking a high with plant-based protein. Hyderabad now also has a store that is selling plan-based meat. Anyone who is curious about meat’s taste can check this store out. It is not just the Vegetarian people that are trying these plant-based meats, but the non-veg as well are opting for it.

Many non-vegetarians do not feel like eating animal meat now. As this harms the animals, many are now shifting to plant-based meats. Many people have converted into Vegetarians for such reasons. The mock meat is especially for them.

This meat is made with soya as the base protein. They also use plants and vegetables as their substitute. Other methods are also available and are now being used to make the mock meat.

As mock meat mainly uses soya as its base element, many believe that it is nothing but soya chunks and will taste like nuggets. But now experts are explaining that this is not the case. There are certain elements that go into making the mock meat and the process and ingredients ensure a meat-like taste. A person making mock meat will focus on texture, taste and overall mouth-feel.  

It is a procedure that requires attention to many details. Since the shops are selling it as being an exact veg replica of meat, it is important that what people are eating feels like meat. This meat can be made with soya and flour including, soya protein, pea protein, soy flour and other ingredients.

Many are now opting for this plant-based mock meat and trying to cut down on their consumption of actual meat.

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