Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton Wears Dress Made of Toilet Paper, Check Netizens' Reaction

26 Oct, 2021 13:51 IST|Vyshnavi

A hotel heiress and an American socialite heiress wore dresses made of toilet paper for their bridal brunch, which looked like they were worth a million bucks! Are you excited to know more about her? Then this article is for you.

Paris Hilton, a bride-to-be, dressed up with toilet paper as her wedding dress for her bridal brunch recently, which took place in the backyard of her house in Los Angeles. While she went live on Instagram during the event, Paris and her sister-in-law Tessa Hilton posed as models with the paper dress. 

Besides this, she has posted some pictures on her storey with the caption, "Don't give me a brutal veil." Do you know that this paper dress was made just within five minutes of the timer? Hilton looked chic while carrying off the wedding gown. Her friends had given her padded shoulders and a braided headband, all of which were made out of paper.

However, Paris Hilton's dogs soon destroyed their dresses by chewing on the paper. This was revealed on her Instagram stories. Under all that paper, Hilton wore a white mini dress with long sheer sleeves and classic white heart-shaped sunglasses. 

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