Yesteryear Actress Jaya Sudha Rocks The New Grey Look Post Lockdown

1 Mar, 2021 17:41 IST|Sakshi Post
Actress Jaya Sudha

A video of yesteryear actress Jaya Sudha is going viral on social media as netizens were seen commenting on her new  all grey look post the lockdown.

Also called the Sahajanati or natural actress, Jaya Sudha is sometimes referred to as the Meryl Streep of the Telugu Film industry. In the new video released in social media, the actress is seen congratulating the team of a new Telugu serial called Janaki Kanagaledu , and wished the team all the best. The serial name is based on the hit song of Jaya Sudha and late actor Shobhan Babu in the movie Raja Kumar.

The actress has gone grey completely and is sporting a bob cut. She is seen wearing an orange neck t-shirt with gray hair sans any makeup.

Fans were left confused as to whether she had any health problems or whether it was a new look. But a few others said that she rocked the all grey look.

Sujatha is the real name of the actress who has a special place in the Telugu audience as Jaya Sudha. Her husband Nitin Kapoor committed suicide in Mumbai in 2017 . She is currently living in Hyderabad with her two sons. Her eldest son Nihar got married last year.

Jaya Sudha was born on December 17, 1958 in Madras, now Chennai, and was brought to the film industry by her aunt actress Vijayanirmala. With the encouragement of Vijaya Nirmala, Jayasudha became a superstar on the silver screen.  Born to Hindu parents, Jayasudha converted to Christianity in 2001. Talking about her conversion, she had said that she took this decision after she discovered Jesus in a water accident.

Incidentally, she is also related to Mahesh Babu as her aunt Vijayanirmala is married to his father Super star Krishna. She is distantly related to actress Vijayashanthi as well.

She was last seen in a video during the MAA movie artists meeting. The actress seems to have lost a lot of weight and this would be her first appearance after the one-year lockdown.

                                                                                  Image Source Fan Made  Twitter handle

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