Why Did BTS RM Share and Delete Mahira Sharma Pic On Instagram?

24 Apr, 2022 11:57 IST|Sakshi Post

Desi ARMY is going crazy and is coming up with many conclusions after BTS member RM deleted the picture of Mahira Sharma, an Indian Television Actress. Rumours are doing the rounds that BTS members may be joining their hands with Mahira for a music video.

Mahira Sharma is an Indian television actress and model. She also participated in Bigg Boss 13. She also did a few music videos. Now, why did BTS member RM deleted the picture of Mahira on Instagram is the question that is doing all the rounds on social media.

We all know that Bangtan Boys at times share some of the pictures on their Instagram and later delete them. If BTS members delete any picture from their Instagram accounts, then it will become the talk of the town.

After RM deleted Mahira's pic, one of the Twitter users wrote, "Mahira in k-pop video??? A collab makes sense, coz She's the star of MV with BILLION views. If not, then Bruh, BTS guys follow Mahira? Crush?? Whatever it is, aaj koi jealous soul, khud ko maregi....”

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