Is This Why Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live Stopped?

3 Mar, 2022 15:28 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is making headlines since last night as the live streaming stopped. As we mentioned earlier, Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live has been having many issues from day one, and there have been many tweets from Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers to Hotstar and Star Maa over these issues. They complained that the audio of the contestants was breaking in between and that the video appearing was blank. We can say that there was a lot of disturbance during the Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live, and netizens are slamming the show's producers for ignoring it. Hotstar subscribers who subscribed to watch the Bigg Boss show live are now trolling Hotstar.

Presently, the grand launch episode is being telecasted on Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live. It seems like Disney+Hotstar might telecast a one-hour episode as the makers are trying to resolve the issues. Recently, Hotstar released a promo of the captaincy where the audience questions Hotstar for the lack of updates on the live streaming issue. Meanwhile, many memes are trending on the social media platforms over Nagarjuna's line in the promo that "Bigg Boss Non-Stop will entertain the audience without comma and full-stop." So let us wait and watch what Hotstar is doing to solve the issue.

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