Who Will Be The First Winner of Bigg Boss Non-stop?

4 May, 2022 17:21 IST|L Manisha

With each day passing, Bigg Boss Non-Stop contestants are making the show much fun. The show has improved in terms of viewership, the credit for which must go to the high voltage fights between the contestants. Every contestant is trying to prove himself to be the most deserving person to be among the finalists and win the trophy. 

It is worth mentioning here that most of the Bigg Boss Non-Stop contestants are ex-contestants of the Bigg Boss Telugu on TV. Well, netizens say that new contestants are performing better than the former experienced contestants. As per social media buzz, ex-contestants are confused and overconfident as to why they are losing the game. 

With Bigg Boss OTT Telugu heading towards the grand finale, the debates on social media platforms are increasing. There are also fiery debates on  the winner and runner-up of the show. 

From day one Akhil and Bindu fans are rooting for their favorite contestant. As per the rules, the top five contestants of Bigg Boss Non-Stop will re-enter Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6.

Akhil and Bindu are having a word of war and attitude issues from the very first task of the show. According to debates happening on Twitter, Akhil wants to prove that he a stronger contestant than Bindu, but fails every time because Bindu never hesitates to prove him wrong with her arguments. 

A section of the audience is upset with Akhil's performance in Bigg Boss Non-Stop. However, we can say that Akhil has changed his game strategy in Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. Akhil is not bringing her personal relationships in the task. But it is worth mentioning here that Bindu and Akhil are one of the reasons for Bigg Boss Non Stop to get highest viewership. Bindu and Akhil fans never leave an opportunity to have a virtual war on social media platforms, keeping the buzz around the two contestants alive.

The two contestants are confirmed as finalists of Bigg Boss Non-Stop season 1. Most of them say that Bindu Madhavi might bag the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT trophy. If it happens, then Bindu will create history on Bigg Boss Telugu by becoming the first female contestant to win the trophy. Talking about Akhil and Bindu's positions, they both are at the same level with equal voting percentages. But a contestant's win is not only decided by their game, but also their behavior and attitude towards others. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 finalist Maanas has entered the glass house to spice up the race to the finale task. Let's wait and watch who will get the chance to eliminate the contestant. Stay tuned to Sakshi Post. 

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