Who is Paresh Rawal's Wife?

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Swaroop Sampat, Paresh Rawal Pics: Free Press Journal

Actress Swaroop Sampat and Paresh Rawal’s love story is a coming together of two like-minded people who share a passion for theatre. The Free Press Journal caught up with the actress for a chat about their love story, in which Swaroop unveils the story behind their 12-year courtship and many years of marriage.I was just out of school. I was distributing brochures at a festival of the Indian National Theatre and my dad was the chief producer. Paresh and his college friend were there as they were already doing theatre. He saw me and told his best friend that this is the girl I am going to marry. His friend thought Paresh was crazy and dismissed the possibility. He was a shy guy, so he would just watch me at the theatre from afar. About a year later, I saw him in a play at an inter-college competition and he was amazing. Since it was a violent play, people were afraid to approach him. I approached him and told him that I couldn’t believe that anybody could be so good. I started talking to him. One day, he asked me out for a movie, then told me that he wanted to marry me. He insisted on a commitment and I said yes while thinking baad mein dekha jayega. We started working in the theatre together and I realised we were like-minded despite belonging to different backgrounds. My outlook was more westernised.

What was your initial reaction when you met him for the first time?

I was struck by the fact that he was such an incredible actor. He took my breath away; he has the most incredible eyes. They were even more incredible then because he was so much slimmer.
Who played Cupid?

Nobody played Cupid; he took the initiative to fix a date.

Where did you guys go on your first date?

We went to watch Amar Akbar Anthony and later to have a bite at The Wayside Inn.

Did you guys go Dutch on the date?

At 16, I had already started modelling  so I used to have a lot of money. Besides, my parents gave me cab fare, which I rarely used. Once, I asked Paresh to help me count money. He obliged, pocketed the money, and said, ‘Thanks a lot.’ I retorted, ‘What the hell yaar?’ but he needed the money. Besides, by then, we had been in a relationship for 6 to 7 years, so I was fine with it. 

Who is more possessive, Paresh or you?

Even during our courtship days, Paresh was the possessive one. He would not like it if I paid attention to anyone else. But now, after many years of knowing each other, he is relatively chilled out.

Who is the more short-tempered of the two?

He is chilled out, but there are so many things that make me lose my cool. 

Who proposed marriage?

He said we would only get into the relationship if I had plans to eventually marry him.Did you guys face any opposition when you both decided to marry?

Both of us are Gujaratis but belong to different communities. I am a Bhatia and he is a Brahmin, but that hardly mattered. I told him I would not elope. My parents would have to agree because I am the only daughter in the family after eons. So, we decided to wait till Paresh started getting a lot of work. My parents agreed, and his parents were okay with it too.

How has your relationship changed from being girlfriend-boyfriend to husband-wife?

Sometimes he gets it from me, bechara. If once in a while he behaves properly and is disciplined, I tick him off, ‘Are you mad or what?’ I think I can talk to him in this manner because we have known each other for years. He gets so much bhav and respect since he is an actor and an MP, but at home he is the same as he was. He has always respected me. He has become serious because he is shouldering so many responsibilities – father, MP, actor. Besides, one also changes with age. (Courtesy: Free Press Journal)

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