Who Is Most Overacting Candidate In Telugu Bigg Boss House?

7 Sep, 2021 12:01 IST|Sakshi Post

After the pilot episode, the first episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has started on Monday. We all know that Monday means nominations. Bigg Boss announced that the contestants can nominate other contestants. All the contestants came to the garden area where black bags with the photos of the contestants were kept. So, the contestants threw the bag of the contestants whom they want to nominate into the dust bin. RJ Kajal, Ravi, Hamida, Jaswanth, Maanas and Sarayu have been nominated on Monday. The contestants gave different reasons for nominating others. So, let us wait and see who is going to step out of the house in the first week. 

The 19 contestants of the show are Shanmukh Kandregula, Maanas Naagulapalli, Sarayu Roy, Hamida, Priyanka Singh, Lahari Shari, Jaswanth Padala, Natraj Master, Anee Master, RJ Kajal, Uma Devi, Singer Sreerama Chandra, VJ Sunny, Siri Hanmanth, Swetha Varma, Actress Priya, Vishwa, Lobo, and Ravi.

All the contestants have started playing their game. It is all known knowledge that some contestants will obviously do some overaction at the beginning of the show. However, we shouldn't come to the conclusion that they are overacting in the show. It's just an episode completed, we have to wait and watch. But according to the netizens, VJ Sunny, Siri Hanmanthu, and Lahari are doing over action. So, my dear readers please share your comments with us.

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