What Is The Real Reason Behind BTS Hiatus?

5 Jul, 2022 15:53 IST|Sakshi Post

The announcement of K-pop super band BTS taking a break stunned all and sundry. BTS band members mentioned that they want to focus on solo projects and that's why they are not going as a group. After this news, many rumours broke out about 'BTS Hiatus'.

According to the reports, there was a lack of communication between the members, so they thought it is better to go on solo performances. Now, one more rumour that is doing all the rounds is that "Mandatory Military Service in South Korea might be the real reason for BTS Hiatus."

Every man born in South Korea should serve the nation for at least 20 months, before turning 30. But K-Pop idols have the chance to serve at any time they want. In that way, BTS members made an agreement to serve the nation after they turn 30.

As the eldest of the BTS group, Jin is turning 30 this year, and BTS fans are thinking that their military services might be the reason for BTS Hiatus. 

Now South Korean government making revised amendments to make K-Pop stars serve their nation for only 6 months. So that the band can be stable and have the same status not only in the K-Pop industry but also internationally.

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