Is ‘Thala’ Ajith Unwell?

24 May, 2020 12:46 IST|Sakshi Post

CHENNAI: ‘Is Kollywood ‘Thala’, Hero Ajith, unwell?’ ‘Has he been affected by coronavirus?’ These are some of the questions that are raging across the social media in the last two days after a video has surfaced showing Ajit and his wife Shalini hurriedly making their way out of a Chennai hospital. This has triggered a wave of anxiety among film buffs, particularly his fans, who are truly worried about the well-being of their favourite star.

The viral video shows the star-couple exiting a hospital in Chennai and claims that it happened on May 22nd. In the visuals, captured on a mobile smartphone inside what looks like a hospital, both Ajith and his wife Shalini were seen wearing face masks and leaving the premises quickly. This sparked the speculation that the Kollywood top hero might be unwell even as his fans are clueless on what is happening. The fact that the two were seen wearing face masks and leaving a hospital at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unabated is becoming the reason for their concern.

Even though it’s close to two days since the video started going viral, there has been no communication either from the star’s family or from his managers. And this is adding its bit to the suspense over ‘what really has happened to Ajith’.

There are however quite a few versions doing the rounds on the purported visit of Ajith to the hospital. It is being said that Ajith’s father was admitted to hospital sometime back for some unspecified illness and that the actor had visited the hospital only to meet his ailing father.  There is also speculation that Ajith has been visiting hospital every three months for a follow-up of a surgery that he had undergone some time back. The latest hospital visit could be part of that, it says.

But with no one from Ajith’s side coming forward and clearing the air so far, the actor’s fans are finding it difficult to bear with this excruciating suspense. Thala Ajith is currently working on his latest project ‘Valimai’ in Tamil. The shooting had to be suspended since the time the nationwide lockdown was imposed to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

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