Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode April 27: Sharada Devi Visits Anu’s House

27 Apr, 2021 13:09 IST|Sakshi Post

Mansi gets angry as Arya breaks the coffee cup that she gifted Neeraj. Neeraj tries to console Mansi as she starts crying over the broken coffee cup.

Anu decides not to go to the office. She plans to tell Subbu about her relationship with Arya when she takes the next step.

Arya gets angry as Anu doesn’t come to the office. Jhende questions Arya about his frustration. Later, Arya and Jhende taunt each other. Neeraj apologises to Mansi for being careless about the cup. He then makes her realise her mistake.

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Ramya asks Anu if she misses Arya. She then suggests Anu to visit Arya’s house and speak to Sharada Devi. Raghupati and Rajini question Anu for not going to the office. Later, Raghupati panics at the mention of Rajanandini. 

Sharada Devi visits Anu’s house, leaving Anu surprised and elated. Raghupati informs Meera about Sharada Devi’s visit to Anu. How will Meera react after learning about the visit is to be watched in the episode.

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