Spoiler Alert: Prema Entha Madhuram May 19: Will Arya Let Go of Lilly Garden Memories For Anu?

19 May, 2021 12:56 IST|Sakshi Post

After Jalandhar tells Sharma to go to Lilly Garden, he comes to Arya and Jhende with the property documents. They indulge in a war of words. Arya gets angry and asks Sharma about Anu. Sharma threatens Arya saying that Anu’s life is in danger. Sharma feels pity as Aryavardhan is going to lose for the first time in his career.

While Jhende tries to warn Sharma, he tells that Anu will die if they delay signing the documents. Arya doesn’t hesitate to sign the property documents, leaving Jende worried.

Meanwhile, Sharada Devi worries about Anu's health. She fears that Anu's health is not good and she phones one of the staff members. She inquires about Anu's health and learns that she fell ill after getting more involved in Rajanandini chores.

Jalandhar observes the file signed by Aryavardhan and tells Sharma to bring it to him. He later observes that Jhende gets dressed up in Sharma's attire and kidnaps Jalandhar. Arya then asks Jalandhar to reveal the whereabouts of Anu. Will Jalandhar tell them about Anu is to be watched in the episode.

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