Spoiler Alert: Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode April 5: Heartbreaking News For Yogi

5 Apr, 2021 11:32 IST|Sakshi Post

After watching the news, Jnanamba is worried about Rama as he was also travelling in the same boat, which met with an accident. Rama’s father consoles his wife and goes in search of Rama. Janaki and her sister-in-law visit the temple. On reaching there, Janaki sees some people fighting in front of the ambulance. Janaki goes there and asks them to clear the way for the ambulance to move.

Meanwhile, Rama admits Janaki’s parents to the hospital. He asks doctors to check on their health. But doctors check their vitals confirm to Rama that they are no more. Doctors inform Yogi about his parents' demise after seeing the ID card on Shiva Prasad's body. Yogi breaks down when he learns about their death.

Yogi, later phones Jaanu and asks her to come to the government hospital. How will Yogi console Janaki after she comes to know about Aravinda and Shiva Prasad’s death is to be watched in the next episode.

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