Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode April 2: Unexpected Twist In Jaanu's Life

2 Apr, 2021 12:41 IST|Sakshi Post

Aravinda and her husband are thrilled by Janaki’s surprise. They feel overwhelmed by the arrangements made by Janaki to celebrate their 25th marriage anniversary. After the celebrations, Janaki’s father asks them to leave as he wants to spend some quality time with Aravinda. Later, Aravinda tells her husband that she wishes to travel on a boat.

They both board the boat. Ramachandra also travels in the same boat. A pen seller in the boat asks Rama to buy a pen. Rama first refuses to buy. But when he notices a pen with the letter J on it, he remembers that his mother Jnanamba’s name starts with the same alphabet and decides to purchase it.

Meanwhile, Janaki’s father also thinks of buying the same pen to gift to his daughter who is preparing to write Civils exam. As the seller has no other pen engraved with the letter ‘J’, he asks Rama to give the pen to him telling him about Janaki’s exam.

In the mid-way of their travel, a tornado occurs and all the passengers in the river get drowned. Rama tries his best to bring them to the river bank. He saves Janaki’s parents and rushes them to the hospital in an ambulance. Jnanamba comes to know about the mishap and fears about Rama. To know what happened to all of them, we have to wait till the next episode. 

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