Sonu Nigam's Sensational Comments on TV Reality Show Judges' Fake Praises of Contestants

19 Jul, 2021 12:41 IST|Sakshi Post

There has always been an underlying issue with reality shows and if they are in fact, “real”? This issue has been really prominent with Indian Idol’s latest season which is constantly in the news for some controversial reason. Sony TV’s Indian Idol 12 has been facing a backlash for overdoing everything.

Many have said that the judges over-praise the contestants and even when they are to give honest feedback, these judges just stray away from it make everything too dramatic. Indian Idol has now become an ‘over the top’ dramatic show and neither the audience nor some of the ex-judges are liking it.

After what happened with legendary singer Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar and his comments regarding the show, Indian Idol has been under fire. Amit shared that when he was on the show for the Kishore Kumar special episode, he was asked to praise all the contestants. Even when he did not like certain things and how the tribute was paid to his father, Amit just couldn’t be honest and went on praising all the performances.

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Now the latest addition to this is Sonu Nigam. The singer had some really open and honest comments about the reality TV show. Sonu shared that they are asked to praise the contestants and boost them no matter what. Most of the time they even go overboard with it. But this is not good for the contestants and their careers. We are judges, mentors; we have a responsibility. As a teacher, we should give them honest review and feedback and motivate them to do better. If you keep praising them even when there were certain issues with their performance, then it is not going to be good.

They will never know the truth if you keep on praising them. How will they understand, if the performance was truly good or not? You learn through your mistakes, it is all good. Even if something goes wrong on the stage, we are here to help you. As mentors, we will make them aware of the things that went wrong and help them to improve further. That is how it should be, added Sonu.

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