Software Blues Release Date Locked, Director Uday Shankar Left Fancy Job To Make This Movie

27 Feb, 2021 07:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Have you heard the movie name “Software Blues”? Most of them would say ‘ Yes’ and the film is gearing up to hit the screens in third week of March. The film features Sriram Chaudhuri, Aryaman Mehboob Pasha and others will appear in prominent roles. Looks like the team has started the movie promotions to create a buzz about the film among the audience as well as to reach the wider audience. During the part of movie promotions, the film unit shared a few words about the film. Director Uma Shankar said that “ I heard the story when I was doing a software Job. I know the ups and downs of software. Software blues is nothing but the hurdles of software people. The tale is about a hero wants to get the best employee award of the year. How he will get by overcoming all the hurdles is the film. It showcases the software daily meet targets, how much they have to stretch their hours to reach their targets is the theme of the film.

Mehaboob Basha: He is all set to make debut in Telugu with ‘Software Blues’. He said that “ Director Uday Shankar has worked on the film by leaving his software job. He knows how’s hard Software people will work hard and why they can’t quit the job. Most of the audience will get connected to the film. The non-software audience will also love the film.

Actress Bhavan:  Are you waiting what the actress has said about her debut film. She is a new to Tollywood but seems like she may get good offers after the release of Software Blues. She said that It’s my first film and I’m very much happy to be part of the project. I thank the filmmakers for giving me the opportunity. She concluded that she will be essaying the software employee role in the film.

Actor Sri Ram: He stated that “ Everyone will think that software Job is luxury life They’ll get good pay. But, no one knows the ups and downs of Software people, how frustrated they will be with their work and if they can’t meet their targets. It will be another headache. Sometimes it becomes do or die situation to few people.  People will surely get connected to our film. I’m praying and wishing that Software Blues should become a hit at the box office. Our director has given up his salary of Rs 4 lakh per month for a Software Blues as he is passionate filmmakers. I wish the film to become a commericial hit.

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