Guests Threw Alcohol at Singer Sid Sriram At Hyderabad Pub?

9 Mar, 2021 10:45 IST|Sakshi Post

There is no doubt that music lovers are in awe of Sid Sriram’s music. In recent days, every movie has at least one song rendered by the young music sensation and almost all of them turn out to be chartbusters. As per sources, there is news that this singer was humiliated at a watering hole in the Telangana capital city.

Sid was reportedly attacked at the Sunburn Super Club on Jubilee Hills Road No. 10C. It is learned that some youngsters who attended a musical concert on Sunday night insulted Sid Sriram by throwing water and alcohol at him. Outraged by this, the singer warned the brats to get out of the pub.

As soon as the matter got bigger, the club management intervened and stopped the commotion. As many celebrities attended the event, the pub management requested Sriram not to lodge a police complaint against the youths.

However, it is sad for a famous singer to face an insult like this. Meanwhile, 'Discipline the mind to never operate from a space of fear’ Sid Sriram tweeted on March 5. It appears that he tweeted this referring to the people who abused him at the pub.

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