Run BTS is Back with a Bang, Bangtan Boys Attempt Fly-Yoga

5 Oct, 2022 15:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Run BTS is back!

The long-awaited show featuring BTS members is back on YouTube. The show was resumed after waiting for around a year, on August 16, 2022. 

The show was stopped abruptly after streaming two episodes of the Telepathy game

Again, the show is back on YouTube much to the delight of the BTS ARMY. 

This time the Bangtan Boys will dabble in aerial yoga, as Jungkook was doing, fly yoga. A teaser of BTS members trying their hands at fly yoga was dropped on the official YouTube website.

The video teaser of Run BTS special episode Fly BTS Fly Part 0 is hilarious. It begins with the BTS members discussing ideas wherein Suga suggests doing something like a variety show called Genius. On the other hand, Kim Seokjin recommends farming while Jimin wants to do pole dance, J-Hope hints at going on a food walk, Kim Taehyung shows interest in fencing and Jungkook shares a novel idea — fly yoga! 

It seems everybody agreed with the Golden Maknae's suggestion. Next, we see the member trying to be stable on the swing. Jimin and Jungkook turn kids whereas RM seems to struggle a little. Hobi and Suga are amused and cannot stop laughing. 

BTS ARMY is so happy to see them back on screens.

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