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2 Nov, 2022 11:40 IST|Sakshi Post
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Great news for BTS fans! Reports suggest that there could be a possible collab between the K Pop band and American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Pharrell Williams.

The Rolling Stone magazine released an exclusive interview between BTS’s RM and Pharrell in which the two artists spoke about music, life, and more which came out on November 1. And it was at the end of the interview that Pharrell revealed the news that he was going to be joining the BTS band for a song in his upcoming album titled Phriends.

The American artist and producer shared, “Well, my project, it’s called… it’s [under] my name, and the title of the album is ‘Phfriends.’ It’s the volume one. You guys [BTS] are on there, obviously. And I’m actually talking about this way more than I’m supposed to, but it’s a song from my album that [BTS] sang and it’s amazing, and I’m super grateful.”

RM chimed in, “I just love this song,” to which Pharrell agreed, “I love it too… Everyone that hears it is like, ‘Whoa.'”

Pharrell also offered the BTS RM a song in his upcoming solo album, suggesting a separate project between the two singers. RM responded, “Please… I’m honored and grateful.”

Check out the full interview between BTS RM and Pharrel below:

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