RGV Takes On Media For Rhea Chakraborthy!

25 Aug, 2020 12:13 IST|Sakshi Post

Ram Gopal Varma made his intentions clear with tweets about Arnab Goswami in particular, and about other media outlets that he doesn't like media investigation in Sushanth Singh Rajput's case.

He kept saying that the media is trying to portray Bollywood as a sweet eden of crimes and criminals, when it isn't. He said that he takes offence as a person part of the Film Industry for the vehement attack of words by several journalists, to make their point in Sushanth's case. 

RGV said that nepotism or not, Bollywood survives on creative people and not everyone makes it to the top. He made it clear that in a business, no one is looking to do favours to others. 

Now, he came out with a video to protest against media trail on Rhea Chakraborthy and said that he is ashamed of his colleagues in Bollywood for keeping their silence against such a brutal attack on their characters. 

He also said that while an investigation is going on, media has no right to assassinate character of a woman. Once, she is found guilty, she would be punished by law but media have channels have made her to be the killer, witch already. He protested against this and said, "I never thought our media will stoop low and we will enable it!"

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