Anushka's Nishabdam Deal Still Taking Time!

11 Sep, 2020 13:04 IST|Sakshi Post

People are waiting for the latest reports about film OTT release dates and their release platforms. After the way Nani's 'V' caught everyone's eye other film dates should have been announced by now. The movie, "V" might have received mixed talk and reviews but it is the highest searched and streamed Telugu movie on Amazon Prime Video, in past three months. 

That's how much people have been denied any new film content due to lockdown. They are ready to watch anything with big celebrities name associated with and there won't be questions about how good or bad, the film is. 

But the announcements seem to take a little more time than usual. We hear that Nishabdam producers are still trying to get a better deal than the existing one and hence, the signing of the contract, is taking time. 

Recently, the film VFX work and all the pending post production works have been finished. We heard that Anushka, Kona Venkat, producers from People Media Factory and Amazon Prime Video representatives saw the final cut of the film.

If the deal gets finalised by the end of next week, the date will be announced. Most speculate it could be October 9th or October 17th. For now, this Hemanth Madhukar directorial release date will be a suspence for few more days. Madhavan, Anjali also acted in the movie along with Anushka.

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