Prema Entha Maduram Today Episode Spoiler: Jalandhar Warns Aryavardhan

17 May, 2021 12:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Jalandhar's assistant brings him to Lilly garden from the hospital. He later tells Jalandhar that Lilly garden will soon be his property. He says that they can acquire that property with the help of Anu.

Jhende and Aryavardhan go in search of Anu. Arya asks Jhende to take him to Lilly garden as he doubts that the chances of Anu going there are more. Meanwhile, Jalandhar calls Arya and warns him saying Lilly garden will soon be his property and also asserts that it's time to take revenge on Arya.

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Arya gets angry and says that he can't even touch him and asks him to forget about destroying him. Jalandhar has an evil laugh and informs Arya that he could take revenge using Anu. Arya gets furious and heads to Lilly garden.

While Sharada Devi decides to visit Anu, who is in the hospital. Mansi and Neeraj also tells her that even they wanted to visit. So, Sharada Devi calls Jhende and inquires about the hospital in which Anu is there. Will Jhende tell her about Anu having gone missing is to be watched in the episode. 

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