Prema Entha Maduram Spoiler Alert Today’s Episode April 12: Will Anu Tell Aryavardhan?

12 Apr, 2021 13:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Anu reaches the location sent by Raghupati. Then Raghu calls Anu and enquires about the stock. He makes Anu shift the stock into the warehouse. He asks Anu to lock the godown and leave. Later, he phones Meera and informs her about it.

Later, Meera asks Raghupati to kill the faith Aryavardhan has in Anu. She promises to give a huge amount of money to Raghupati. Meanwhile, Anu gets emotional in front of Ramya. She explains to her about the anonymous call and about sending the stock to the godown. After listening to Anu, Ramya asks her to share the issue with Arya which Anu refuses.

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Meanwhile, Mansi and Neeraj ask Arya to give his lover’s address to invite her to the party. Arya tells that he has already invited her to the party. How will Anu face this situation is to be watched in the next episode. 

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