Prakash Raj On Comedian Ali Chat Show To Clear The Air On MAA Elections

7 Oct, 2021 15:42 IST|Sakshi Post
Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj On Comedian Ali Chat Show To Clear The Air On MAA Elections | The Movie Artists Association (MAA) Elections 2021 campaign is turning out to be like that of a general election with the deadline for the polls just three days away. It is now clear as to who the main contestants and panelists are now. The members of the Prakash Raj Panel and the Manchu Vishnu Panel are trading barbs at each other and some even stooping to make personal criticisms against each other, much to the chagrin of the panelists.

Advocate-turned actor CVL Narasimha Rao recently make scathing remarks against Prakash Raj. Speaking to the media recently, he said that Prakash Raj had a very low opinion of the country and God, and people should refrain from voting for him. It would be better if he withdraws from the Presidency race, CVL stated. He urged people to vote for Babu Mohan from the Vishnu panel. Prakash Raj should not have contested in this election as he is only focused on himself and thinks of nothing else, CVL said while highlighting Prakash Raj's attitude.

Interestingly Prakash Raj was recently seen in a promo of a chat show which actor/comedian Ali hosts. Ali is seen grilling the actor asking him as to why he was contesting in the MAA apex body elections, which was the same association that had banned him from the Telugu Film Industry.  Prakash Raj was all smiles and looked very demure while answering that question, which was muted as part of the promo. The actor was banned in TFI in 2008 for not honouring a film commitment after a decision was taken by both MAA and Telugu Film Producers Council.

People are questioning the timing of Prakash Raj’s show with Ali that just before the MAA Elections. Some believe that it was a strategic move to clear the air and discord around the actor who is running for the Presidency race.  

Manchu Vishnu had also participated in the show a while ago and spoke about the MAA Elections and his foray into the presidential race. Ali's show is quite popular among viewers for its content and the personal questions that Ali poses owning his proximity to the actors and actresses in his 40-long years in the TFI.

The MAA Elections will be held on Saturday, October 10th and the results will be declared on the same day.

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