RGV Releases 3 More Trailers Of 'Power Star'

24 Jul, 2020 13:40 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Controversial director, Ram Gopal Varma released three trailers back to back ahead of the release of the film, Power Star. The movie is going to hit the digital space on July 25th. The story of the flick is going to be around the life of Pawan Kalyan after he loses in the 2019 general elections. The lead actor in the film goes by the name of Pawan Kalyan. The movie poster of Power Star shows a glass with the tagline ‘the story after the election result’.

In one of the trailers one could see a person praising Pawan Kalyan as he has lots of energy and he is a tsunami. In another trailer, the lead actor is having discussions with an opposition leader. Finally in the third trailer, the brother of the protagonist scolds the lead actor in the film. Here are the trailers, just give a look at it.

RGV decided to charge Rs 25 for the first trailer of the film but it was leaked online. So, the filmmaker released it on his YouTube channel and said that the money will be given back asap. The film will release on July 25, 2020 on RGVWorld.com and pre-booking of the film has already started. The price has been fixed at Rs 150.

After the release of the first trailer, many took offence at RGV's antics. RGV already mentioned that the movie is not based on Pawan Kalyan. Ahead of the release of the flick, the fans of Pawan Kalyan attacked RGV's office. According to the reports, a group of people attacked RGV's office. RGV speaking to media said that people are taking simple fictional parody very seriously. A case has been filed by RGV and police will further investigate the case.

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