This Photo Led to Samantha-Naga Chaitanya Divorce?

4 Oct, 2021 17:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Tollywood celeb-couple Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni who announced the news of parting ways on Saturday afternoon via social media have left their fans and followers in a state of shock. They were in a hope that the rumours doing the rounds for a couple of days were not true, but their joint statement announcing their divorce, put an end to all speculation and the news was officially true.

Chaitanya’s father Nagarjuna Akkineni also shared a note later in the evening, saying that Samantha will always be dear to him and his family and confirmed the news.

Sam-Chay’s three-year marriage coming to end has now fuelled a  social media trial where people have started analyzing what went wrong and where. There has already been speculation about Samantha wanting to continue her career after her successful stint with the web series The Family Man 2. It is reported that Chaitanya wanted to start a family.

It is rumored that Samantha's starring in a bold scene in the film Family Man 2 was also one of the main reasons for their breakup. 

It is also known that in the past, a photo of Samantha's stylist/designer Preetham Jukalkar and her went viral, where she put her legs on his thighs while sleeping on the sofa, which caused quite a big uproar at the time. No matter how close you are, a section of Tollywood fans are still conservative and Chaitanya fans did not approve of that picture. It is learned that this has led to severe criticism of Samantha's lifestyle.

Referring to the latest picture, netizens have now been slandering Preetham Jukalkar and pinning the blame on him for the Samantha-Naga Chaitanya divorce. In addition to this, the posts made by Preetham after the announcement of the divorce also provoked many suspicions that he knew what was going on in their lives.

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With this netizens went to his Instagram handle and started trolling and criticizing the stylist.

Preetham had apparently strongly retorted to these trolls. It is reported that Preetham‌ calls Samantha Jiji (sister). Despite that netizens trolled him badly and he subsequently disabled his comments section.

However, many are wondering what could be the real reason for the couple to separate.

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