No More Indian Web Series on Netflix, Deets Inside

30 Apr, 2022 08:28 IST|L Manisha

Netflix recently made news after losing over 200,000 members in less than 100 days and incurring big losses. Netflix said the losses happened due to a mix of reasons, including the Ukraine war, inflation, and stiff competition from its competitors. Netflix is revamping its Indian content and aims to remove a number of upcoming web series and films. 

The buzz about the possible change suggests that Netflix wants to try newer, commercial approach to content which takes it away from the 'dark, artistic and serious path' it was in till now.

A sequel to Delhi Crime was in the works, but sources say that the Netflix team isn't happy with the results, and large chunks of the show are being asked to be re-shot. This is also causing the show's release to be delayed. Season 1 of Delhi Crime focused on the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case, which shocked the nation in 2012. The show decodes the case and tells a gripping story of what happened after that terrible night. 

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