Netizens Declare This Contestant as Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Winner

16 Jan, 2022 16:24 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 is going to end tonight. Over 105 episodes of Season 5 have entertained the audience a lot with contestants giving their best to grab the attention of the viewers. Tamil audience is eagerly waiting for the episode tonight with figures crossed. Yes. Tonight is the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. 

Even though we have to wait till Kamal Haasan announces the winner, on social media platforms, everyone has already declared  Raju as the winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil 5. Raju has been trending all over social websites as the winner of season 5 of Bigg Boss Tamil. 

Raju has gained good fame and love from the audience outside the glasshouse. Even he did not expect the kind of love and popularity he has been received. He gave tough competition to other contestants in every task. It is worth mentioning here that the audience noticed Raju after his issue with Pavani. All thanks to Pavani and Abhinay's chemistry, which worked in his favor. 

The audience observed that Raju is playing his best game and he is clear on his game strategy. He never lost his cool over other contestants. Neither did he interrupt others' games. All he did was make smart moves, so as to keep him away from controversial fights and help him concentrate on his game.

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If you have been closely observing Bigg Boss Tamil 5 show, then you may have noticed that after Raju fought with Pavani, he never argued with her after realising that his fight might affect his game. Raju fans say that he never kept any extra affairs with other contestants or showed fake emotions to impress the audience. Raju fans worked hard and are sure to make him the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 5.
Now, let's see how it goes in the finals.

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