Nani Says, Big Screen Entertainment Is Irreplaceable

9 Sep, 2021 16:40 IST|Sharada

Natural Nani is an inspiration to many of the aspiring actors. He is a self-made actor in Tollywood. He doesn't have any godfather in the film industry. Whatever name and fame he has got today, Nani has earned it on his own merit.

The actor will be next seen in Tuck jagadish and the actor is leaving no stone unturned to promote his upcoming film. The movie is slated for digital premieres tonight.

During an exclusive interaction with Sakshi Post, Nani revealed a few interesting facts about the film. 

What made you say ‘Yes’ to the film?

Shiva called me when I was dubbing for one of my films. I got a call from Shiva Nirvana saying he wanted to narrate a story to me. I thought it would be a love story and decided to reject it. But I just couldn't get myself to tell him that on the call. I thought of personally tell him that I can't do a love story again, but the scenario totally changed when I heard two lines of the story which does.. "A Boy should neither cry nor make his girl cry." I was fascinated. I felt there was a depth in the subject and it is not as a routine commercial film. Shiva Nirvana is doing a new genre film. I like the concept. Shiva's biggest strength is that he can handle and executes relationships well. I was waiting for a long time to essay such characters. Luckily, I got it. I'm glad that it came from Shiva Nirvana, as I worked with him earlier for 'Ninnu Kori'. 

 What’s the reason behind the title of the film

Earlier, we did not think 'Tuck Jagadish' would be the title of the film. Actually, Jagadish is the name of the character in the film. Most of the people will have the same name, it's hard to recognize anyone. Shiva Nirvana chooses a different way of naming the character and chose 'Tuck Jagadish'. The film will showcase why Jagadish tucks his shirt. I'm very much happy with the way Shiva Nirvana has written a few of the scenes in the film. I just loved it. I'm sure, most of them will connect to it.

Working experience with Ritu Varma and Aishwarya Rajesh?

Ritu Varma will be seen playing my love interest in the film. She will appear as a small brezee in the film. While coming to Aishwarya Rajesh, she is the spine of the film. I and Aishwarya Rajesh have few scenes and those will be heart-touching for the movie buffs. One thing I love in Shiva Nirvana is that he always gives equally preference to all the characters in the film. He skteches every character in depth.

I reinvent myself in every movie

During my childhood, my family members used to talk about Ramarao. At the time, I was clueless about the film. I didn't even think I would become an actor. Acting is not an easy job, if the audience cry or laugh along with us, then it's acting as we feel we have entertained the public through our movie. I didn't come here to do one or two films and go back. I want to stay in this profession for a long time. I want to experiment with all kinds of roles in the film. I will only sign the film when it has challenging roles. If it is a routine character, I get  lazy and over confident that I can pull it off. When it is a challenging role, I can work harder. I will always reinvent myself in every film even it is a hit or a flop. I really don't mind that.

Nani fans missing theatres experience

Why are people saying that only Nani fans are missing the theatrical experience is I had two digital releases—'V'  and now, Tuck Jagadish. My two films will be on OTT. The other stars are also working on films, but they are not ready for release. My films are ready and we are releasing them back to back,that's probably why people are talking about it.

 What do you have to say about the exhibitor's reaction?

I have a few films in the pipeline. If theatres open up, I will get ready to release my movies in theatres. Why we decided OTT release for the film is that the audience is still figuring out whether to watch the film in theatres or not. It's not even right to have a theatrical release. If we hold the film for a while, it totally affects the entire team—be it technician or anyone.

What's your take on OTT?

It's a great medium to watch all kind of films. OTT has become a huge platform for actors as well as the audience. If anyone wants to watch other language films, they can easily binge-watch on OTT. OTT is a big platform for people to enjoy. OTT is a medium of education to the audience, if they enjoy the movies, OTT platforms will provide more content to them, which is a huge benefit for the film industry. At the same time, we can entertain people through big or small medium. Honestly, Big screen entertainment is irreplaceable. If exhibitors are tensed that theatres will shut down, it's untrue. No one can beat big screen entertainment.

Films under production

Currently, I'm producing Hit 2 franchise, Adivi Sesh is playing the lead role in the film. The film is going to be a big one for movie buffs. We have wrapped up 80 percent of the shoot and the output is really good. I also have another film 'Meet Cute' which will be direct digital release too. I'm feeling proud after seeing both the films. Both of the movies are going to be a roll coaster ride for the audience.

By: Sarah Justin 

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